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June 18th to June 22nd, 2020 Tokyo, Japan
Hosted by: Japan Workers Alpine Federation (JWAF)

Dear UAAA members

It’s a great honor to give my warm greetings to all the members, and I am very pleased to invite you to the UAAA council meeting in Tokyo, Japan from June 18th to June 22nd, 2020.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all the members and board members of UAAA and especially to JWAF, the hosting member.

In the meantime, we are very happy to attend the JWAF’s 60th anniversary celebration party at Tokyo Garden Palace in the evening of June. 21st 2020

At this moment, the UAAA would like to let all delegates know the council meeting is proceeding as planned. However, we are carefully watching the aware of the COVID-19, and if it continues to hit unexpectedly or getting worse in Asian countries, then we will consider the further options.

The meeting agenda will be sent until May and if you have any suggestions or subjects, please contact Christine Pae, general secretary of UAAA.

The registration deadline is no later than the last of April, 2020 and please contact both of JWAF and UAAA office, Eiko in and Christine Pae in Thank you very much.

With warm regards.

Injeong LEE

Union of Asian Alpine Associations

UAAA Office : 6F. Kingkong bldg. 86, Chungdamdong, Kangnamgu, Seoul, Korea Tel:822-558-3331/Fax:822-569-9437
Website : Email:

UAAA Council Meeting: Interim Plan along with invitation to
JWAF 60 th Anniversary Reception

June 18, 2020-June 22, 2020
Tokyo, Japan

Arrival: June 18(Thursday), 2020

Council Meeting Date: June 19 (Friday), 2020 9:00-17:00

Venue: Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel Conference Room

( 2-1-19 Yushima, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, 113-0034, tel. 03-3831-0081)

Language in Meeting: English

Registration Fee: $100 / person

Lodging and meals(package only arrangement for discounts)

- 2nights with 5 meals / person $200

- 4nights with 10 meals / person $400

- Hotel: Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel (single room only)

You are invited to:

Excursion: June 20(Saturday), 2020 8:00-21:00

- Mt. Fuji up to middle or Oze Meadows according to the weather; with lunch and dinner Transportation arrangement by sightseeing bus with washroom

Lecture (optional): June 21(Sunday), 13:00-17:00

- Kanda-Myojin Cross Cultural Hall

- Lecturer: KOMATSU, Yuka

- Title: From K2 to Syria

- Language: Japanese (no interpretations)

JWAF 60 th Anniversary Reception: June 21(Sunday)

- Time: 18:00-20:00

- Venue: Tokyo Garden Palace (

※ Although we always appreciate your kind gifts, we cordially decline from offers this time since the party is less formal and we hope to reduce the weight of your baggage.


Contact: Japan Workers Alpine Federation

- 5-24 Shinogawamachi, Shinjukuku, Tokyo 162-0814

- E-mail:

- HomePage:

- Tel. +81-(0)3-3260-6331

VISA: Invitation letters will be provided: please contact at and/or at your earliest convenience

Departure: June 22 (Monday), 2020 or early departure on June 20 (Saturday), 2020

Notice: Finalized registration will be open in March 2020 and forms will be officially sent to you from UAAA office.


THU June 18 Arrival Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel
FRI June 19 Breakfast
ouncil meeting
Ochnomizu St. Hills hotel Conference Room
Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel
SAT June 20 Breakfast
Mt. Fuji up to Middle
Oze Meadows accoridng to weather Lunch and Dinner
Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel
SUN June 21 Breakfast
13:00-17:00 Lecture(optional)
KOMATSU, Yuka From K2 to Syria
Kanda_Myojin Cross Cultural
JWAF's 60th anniversary Reception
18:00-20:00 Tokyo Garden Palace
Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel
MON June 22 Breakfast
Individual Departures


Register File Download : [ CLICK ]

- For UAAA Council Meeting 2020 Registration

- When done, please "save as" this file with "COUNTRYname_FamilyNAME"

- and return no later than April 30, 2020

- E-mail :

- Fax: +81 3 3235 4324 / Emergency call : +81 3 3260 6331