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Greetings from the UIAA,

Greetings from the UIAA, Dear mountaineers and climbers from Asia.

I have had the privilege to climb many of your beautiful mountains and to visit many of you beautiful countries. All mountains over 7000 meters, are located in Asia, scattered over several of the most important mountain ranges in different countries.

The responsibility for these mountain ranges is a collective one. This responsibility involves access for climbers and mountaineers, mountain protection and safe climbing. The majority of the mountaineering expeditions in the world are set up in the mountains of Asia, where also, most of the unclimbed peaks are located. There are many differences between the countries and regions of Asia, but climbers and mountaineers share a common passion with only one boundary: gravity.

I wish you all the best and look forward to continue our great cooperation in the future.

Frits Vrijlandt

President UIAA