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In the year of 1999, UAAA General Assembly was held on 9th~11th October in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia.

The UAAA secretary general, Mr. Tadao Kanzaki mentioned the following in his secretarial report, "the main branch of UIAA reported the UAAA logo mark is exactly same as of UIAA except the letters, which is strictly prohibited." The report was based upon the deliberation and decisions adopted by the General Assembly held in Malacca, Malaysia on October 7th~9th, 1998.

As we discussed at the first time when we founded UAAA, we only wanted to show that the UAAA is a part of UIAA, hence to show us as a UIAA;s sister concern we chose the same logo but the only difference was in the name. However, since we received objections from UIAA, we felt it necessary to change the logo and KAF was assigned to develop a logo mark in the next meeting and take appropriate decision in this regard.

A UAAA council meeting was held on June 12, 1999 in Beijing, China. Among other agendas, the logo mark was also a subject of deliberation. As decided by UAAA General Assembly held in Malacca, two drawings of UAAA logo mark from KAF, one drawing from CAC and one From I.R.I.M.S.F. were presented in the council meeting for consideration. A total of 4 logo designs were presented and with a brief discussion on it the council decided to present it in UAAA General Assembly and adopt one logo after deliberation. However, a mock voting carried out by the council meeting in Beijing showed that the KAF logo design was the most suitable and acceptable for everyone, hence, won the most votes

The General Assembly held in Ulaanbatar in October 8th~10th 1999 finally took the decision regarding the UAAA logo mark. The logo design submitted by KAF was finally agreed unanimously to adopt it as a UAAA logo mark. Since then this logo mark has become the official logo of UAAA.

First proposed designs