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New president of Japan Workers Alpine Federation



Yoshinori Urazoe, Mr.    Age: 67


President, Japan Workers Alpine Federation (JWAF)

Address: 5-24 Shin-Ogawa-cho, Shinjuku-ku, 162-0814, Japan

Tel: +81-33260-6331Cell phone: +81-(0)80-2055-3887



(Official Career of Mountain Organization)

2000                            Mountain Rescue Team, Tokyo Workers Alpine Federation

2006                            Director, Chair of Mountain Conservation Committee, JWAF

2008                            Steering Member of Coordination Committee for Mountain Conservation consist of 7 Mountain Associations in Japan

2012                            Vice President, JWAF

                                    Chair of Mountain Conservation Committee

                                    Chair of Investigating Team of Mountain Radiation Dosage

2014                            President, JWAF 


(Mountaineering Career)

1970’s                                     Start of trekking and climbing mountains in Japan

Field of expertise                      Gorge climbing, Mountain Rescue


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