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11th Piolet D'Or Asia Awards 2016

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11th Piolet D'or Asia Awards & 9th Golden Climbing Shoe Awards

Lifetime Awards(Achievement Awards)

The Piolets d’Or Asia Award, whose purpose of establishment is to encourage and inspirit Asian mountaineers who achieved pure and visionary ascents, will celebrate its 11th anniversary at aT Center, Seoul, Korea on 4th November this year. This award, known as Oscar Award of Alpinism, has been leading the development of Asian mountaineering culture for the last 10 years, and suggested the direction of future-oriented climbing to Asian mountaineers. In other words, it emphasized light weight-speed climbing by alpine style, commitment of face climbing with high technical level, and purity of primary alpinism respecting for the mountains. It announced that the accomplishments with help by oxygen, artificial aids, fixed ropes, sherpas should not surpass the progress itself, and also warned against any commercial activities and destructive climbing styles. The committee of Piolets D’or Asia is going to receive the recommendation of nominees by the UAAA members until 23rd September.

Date: 4th(Fri.) of November, 2016

Place: aT Center, Seoul, Korea

Contact: dsk8848@naver.com


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