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International Winter Ascent; February 2015; Kerman, Iran

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International Winter Ascent

Kerman, Iran

3-6 February 2015

On the occasion of 70th Anniversary of foundation of Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing

Federation (IMSCF), in order to promote mountaineering activities in the region as well as

encouraging closer ties between international mountaineers and Iranian mountaineers, IMSCF

has the great pleasure to invite mountaineers from around the world to participate in our

annual winter ascent.

This program enjoys a good level of safety repercussions, including medical and rescue

teams. Since the program is free of charge for the foreign climbers during their stay for the

climbing activity, unfortunately there is a limited quota for international climbers i.e. 30

climbers. We especially welcome UAAA and UIAA members as well as our neighboring



- Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (IMSCF)

- IMSCF’s Kerman province branch

- Kerman Physical Education Head Office, Ministry of Youth and Physical Education


All accommodation, transportation, and food costs are covered by the organizers. It is totally free of



You just need to arrive in Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, and the rest will be arranged

by the organizers.


- For many parts of the climb, it is considered a technical climb, especially in winter. It is subject

to intense winds and is covered with snow.


Mountain Ranges in Kerman Province

Joopar (4135m); Hezar (4501m); Palvar (4050-4233m)


Visa application process can, sometimes, be lengthy. Therefore, although in some cases it is possible

to issue visa in about two weeks for some nationalities, we appreciate early registration before the

deadline, which is one month prior to the program. To apply for visa, you are required to submit a

copy of your passport as well as your arrival and departure flight data or an individual extra itinerary in




Tel & Fax: (+98) 22569995; 22569996

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