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The role

The role of UAAA is vital as its members include the leading mountaineers and leaders who understand the ground reality of mountaineering and mountain environment and the mountain people of their respective countries.

Though the headway has been made in the past, still greater efforts needs to be taken taking the future context into consideration. Herein it needs to be mentioned that the global warming has been of great concern to this Asian union.

All this requires unity and endeavors make on the part of all to come up with strategies to halt the trend of receding glaciers in the mountain region of Asia. That is to say that great focus has been laid on the preservation of the mountain environment. There is no doubt that united effort will bring in positive results. It must also be remembered that close cooperation is the call of the day for achieving the results according the UAAA objective or the plan of action

As the UAAA stands for friendship, unity and promotion of mountaineering activities in Asia, this will also contribute in the realization of the goal.

We all proud of 'Rising Asia'. Let us all unite and reach the summit in all four directions.

Kathmandu Appeal

Kathmandu appeal was made by UAAA General Assembly held in Kathmandu on December 10th, 1995

1. Contribute to International Mountaineering on a global scale related to UIAA

2. Take a great importance of mountaineering culture in the Asian countries, and promote many cross cultural exchange.

3. Make a greater effort to maintain the beautiful mountaineering nature environment for the next generations.

4. Support International Mountain Museum, Pokhara as a center for mountaineering activity and culture in the world.