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Title Chinese Mountaineering Association
Address 9 Tiyguan Road, Post Code : 100763, Beijing, CHINA
Tel/Fax Tel : 0086-10-6710-2787 / FAX : 0086-10-6711-1629


History of Mountaineering of the Nation


The Chinese Mountaineering Team was officially established in 1956, climbed Mt.Muztagh Ata (7546m) and Mt.Kongur Tobe(7530m) which is located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region one after another, mounted Mt.Minya Gongga in Sichuan Province and so on.

In 1958, Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA) was officially founded. 

In 1959, Chinese female members reached the summit of Mt.Muztagh Ata, and created the new world record in female mountaineering. 

In 1960, Chinese Mountaineering Team successfully climbed the world highest point from north side. Wang Fuzhou, Qu Yinhua, Gongbu become the first 3 mountaineers who ascended Mt.Qomalangma from China side in the world. 

In 1964, Chinese Mountaineering Team mounted Mt.Shishabangma - the last unclimbed peak above 8,000 meters in the world, and draw in the curtain of the humanity completing 14 8,000-meter mountains.

In 1975, Chinese Mountaineering Team's 9 people climbed Mt. Qomolangma from the north side again. Pan Duo becomes the first female mountaineer who ascended Mt.Qomolangma from the north side in the world.

In 1980, China opened 8 mountains including Mt.Qomolangma and so on, and started to receive the foreign climbers and travelers who are on their own expenses. Hereafter, China government opened other mountains one after another. Meanwhile, China government organized many joint expeditions and obtained complete success. For example: In 1985 China and Japan jointly climbed Mt.Namonani peak; In 1988, China Japan and Nepal jointly climbed Mount Qomolangma; In 1990, China, America, the former Soviet union jointly climbed Mount Qomolangma; In 1998, China and Slovak jointly climbed Mount Qomolangma and so on. 

The mountaineering activities organized successfully by China independently are: In 1995, Chinese climbers climbed Mt.Cho Oyu the sixth highest peak of the world; In 1999, The kindling of Chinese National Games was collected from the top of Mt.Qomolangma. In 2003, in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary the humanity to summit Mt.Qomolangma, the Chinese Mountaineering Team successfully mounted Mt Qomolangma and has completed the Television live broadcast. 

In May of 2006, the Chinese Mountaineering Team with the Chinese National Scientific Investigation team and Chinese Survey Group together measured Mt. Qomolangma again. The new height is 8844.43 meters. 

In 2008, the Olympic Torch will be relayed to the summit of Mt. Qomolangma. The Chinese Mountaineering Association has accepted the great mission, and now the team is doing the best of preparation.

In 1999, the Tibet Mountaineering School was established in Lhasa. Until now, it has recruited 4 groups of students, raised numbers of qualified high altitude guides who have good mountaineering skills, 89 students have graduated from this school. Among them, 39 students reached the summit of Mt. Qomolangma.

In 1993, Chinese Tibet Mountaineering Association set up a great team to climb the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks in the world. Now Mr. Ceren Dorje, Luoze and Bianbazhaxi have scaled all the 14 over 8000m. peaks in the world. 

In 1999, Li Zhixin and Wang Yongfeng completed climbing the seven highest mountains in seven continents. Afterwards, Wang Shi, Liu Jian and Ciluo also finished this project. 

Under the leadership of the Chinese government, Chinese Mountaineering Association also developed the masses climbing activies in China, and now there are about 50 million people to participate. CMA has paid a lot of attention to mountain environmental protection in recent years, especially to Mt. Qomolangma area, like Chinese Tibet Mountaineering Association cooperated with corporations and organized many cleaning activities in that area.